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  Hi, I’m Angela, the proud owner, designer and maker of Limitless Decor! 


 Born and raised in Athens, Greece, I moved to Canada with my lovely husband and our two puppies almost 8 years ago! (Time flies!) Living in a small apartment and having nothing but our suitcases, made me very passionate about transforming it into a bright and welcoming space, our home!

 Being financially tight, I had to come up with a way that would require as little money as possible. The only way, was to create what I wanted myself! At first it wasn’t easy and there were times I believed that I didn’t have what it takes, but my husband believed in me, gave me the motivation to go on and has been my inspiration ever since!

 In 2019, Limitless Decor was born and two years later, creating has been a big part of my life! I love what I do and I put a lot of pride in my work! My designs are reflection of who I am and that rewarded me with a thriving business!

Through this journey, I’ve learned a valuable lesson; never doubt yourself and always have people in your life that know your worth and support you no matter what!  

- Angela